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Leading self



This is a deep-dive into self-management and self-awareness, focused on the development of those crucial skills that provide the understanding of what it means to Be Human.

What is it?

An in-depth e-learning module that focuses on development of self. You’ll explore Humannovation and create your own ‘to-be list, make sense of why you make quick judgement, and discover the highly powerful First Five Questions. We’ll help you reflect on the kind of manager you are (or want to be) and reflect on your Fishpond and Fusebox moments.
You’ll be challenged to unwire unhelpful practices and preconceived notions you’ve learned in the workplace, and discover how to put humans first in everything you do.

Who is it for?

Put simply – IT’S FOR HUMANS.

This online-only course is for humans looking to elevate their self-awareness, have ambitions to work their way towards a management role, and want to get a sense of how to manage themselves before they do the work of managing people, It’s the perfect starting point for people on their Human Management journey.

This bundle is Online Only.

This package contains:

  • A self-paced, ‘anywhere, anytime’ e-learning module
  • Access to our vibrant, peer supported and driven Human Manager community
  • Monthly email challenges to help keep your skills up to date
  • Access to additional resources, such as Mark’s podcasts and webinars.

In ‘Leading self’ you will:

  • use courage and curiosity to tap into the essence of 'BeingHuman'
  • learn how to access your full potential in the realm of comfortably uncomfortable
  • unpack your 'look at me' moment and shift the focus to the work of 'being' through humannovation
  • tap into essential human skills to be a better human
  • engage with other like-spirited humans in the Human Champion Community
  • bring it all together through opportunities to reflect on, and experiment with, easy and practical steps that help you embed your day-to-day lives.